November 18th, 2008


Telling My New Story

Today I awoke to a beautiful morning.  The sun is shining brightly and frost glitters like diamonds.  Multitudes of birds gather at the feeders and greedily grab seeds.  All is well here on the farm and I am grateful to be here to enjoy such a morning.

I'm really appreciating the Wii Fit and love working out every day and am steadily releasing weight and have reached several goals already.  Love it that the machine reminds me to reset my goals:)

Today I am placing my focus on all that is right in my world and how much I have to appreciate.

I am grateful for my loving husband and the way he helps me with the housework, our lives are settling into a calm routine that is efficient and soothing.

I appreciate time spent with my loving adorable grandchildren, their ready smiles and the way they are growing and becoming delightful conversationalists.

I am grateful for the loving advice from great friends both near and far.

I appreciate my computer and the way it works to bring wonderful wise loving people into my life.

I love gratitude and the way it enhances my earthly experience by raising my vibration!!

Love to you all, may you be blessed on this glorious day.