October 24th, 2008


This is an OUTRAGE!

I am reposting this from a MySpace friends blog as requested, as I also believe that this should get more coverage.. WTF is wrong with these people?? What are they teaching these kids?  Original post by "Sage Boucher"...

"I wouldn't believe this either, but the facts are there."

According to a Parkway School District representative, the students started with "Hug A Friend Day," moved to "High Five Day," "Hit A Tall Person Day," and then, finally, this Monday, to "Hit A Jew Day."

The students generally were not being violent or aggressive, said Cathy Kelly, communications coordinator for the district, but instead just "tapping" the students singled out by the theme of the day. At least one student, however, did slap another student, Kelly said.

"It was almost like a tag thing," Principal Lelonek said. "But then it changed." 

Educators said they do not believe the incident was done with hatred or prejudice.

There are fewer than 30 Jewish students at Parkway West Middle School, which has an enrollment of 850 students.

Check out the story here at dailyKos

It includes phone, address and website to the school district.

This is what they're teaching children in school. It's outrageous that this hasn't received national attention. Please give widespread re-posting.

Here's an e-mail page for the administration:
Parkway e-mails

and to the principal :
Online tool to e-mail Principal Lelonek