August 23rd, 2008


The School Experience

I am excited about my school experience.  The first class as I had expected consisted mostly of going over the handbook and the supply list.  I really like the instructor, but I was primed to like her by several folks I know who work at the school who told me that she is a "free spirit" and that we should mesh well.

I've now got most of supplies in order, cannot believe that I was unable to locate the right type of clips that I need to attach my paper to the drawing board.  Dh and I scoured this little old town and I even broke down and checked out "The Wal" something I never do.. eww it was awful in there.  So, on Monday I'll be taking some similar clips that I have on hand.  I simply refuse to drive 36 miles to the city until I am planning a trip down there.

My one concern is whether or not I can handle the physical part of the class as we stand up to draw, but am going into that with the idea that I will become stronger and more able to do this with practice.  And, I'm going to take a little cushion with me cause my aging derriere doesn't like the hard chairs not one little bit LOL.  After carrying a 30lb pad of newsprint from the bookstore to the classroom, I thought I might collapse *grin*.. but I made it!!

I'm so happy and excited at this bit of personal growth and my expanding ability to leave home and get out there and be with real people again.  I'm on a roll, rediscovery and reinvention of myself every day. 

I am grateful for EFT and Brad Yates.

I appreciate my husband and his support for my new endeavor.

I appreciate myself for taking the necessary steps to achieve this goal.

I am grateful for Abraham and how much I have learned from those teachings.

I am grateful for my LJ friends who have helped me see that I am OK!!