August 12th, 2008


A Trip Down South

The Three Amigos set out for Branson, MO Sunday, Aug 3 about noon, stopped briefly for a yummy Panera sandwich with Aunt Tracy and Cousin Lainey and then on to the south.

Quite pleasantly, Anah did got get carsick as she has on previous trips and the ride was uneventful, the motel quite acceptable and we settled in nicely.

The first morning was spent at Whitewater... and whoa what an experience for me.  I quickly realized that it was not to my advantage to spend time in the 100 degree weather and sought shelter in the shade with a good book while the younger members spent hours going down steep slides and being knocked over in the wave pool.  I found myself most fond of the "lazy river" LOL

Over the next four days we toured the Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum, quite a thrill for young Anah who stared wide eyed at the exhibits and we had this picture taken:

  We ate tons of great food, rode bumper boats and go carts, swam, swam some more, and toured a cave with 300 + steps straight down into the earth.  My favorite entertainment was the Chinese Acrobat show which amazed and delighted all of us. Well maybe Anah did get a bit antsy, it was, after all, two hours long. 

On the way home, we stopped at the drive through zoo where we giggled and squirmed as everything from ostriches to Watusi cattle stuck their heads in the card and begged for treats.

I am grateful to be home, grateful that we made it there and back safely and that I can still walk with only a slight limp after all that physical activity.  Lesson for Mooma:  Don't try so hard to keep up with the youngins!!