August 7th, 2008



Carefully consider your choices. But don't get so consumed with making the perfect choice that you fail to make any choice at all.

Most choices will involve some degree of compromise. In the real world, the perfect option may not be available to you.

Instead of holding out for a perfect choice that never does come, make the best choice from the options available to you. It's better to move forward with a slight degree of disappointment than to be endlessly stuck on making a decision.

Carefully and wisely consider your options, then go ahead and choose one. Take what you have to work with and begin actually working with it to create real value in your world.

Remember that the fulfillment of your dreams is a journey and not a single step. It is unrealistic and counterproductive to expect that a single choice will solve all your problems or instantly bring you everything you ever hoped for.

Over time, careful, intelligent choices will get you precisely where you want to go, even though each individual choice will involve a little compromise. Keep choosing the best every chance you get, and those dreams will indeed become real.

from McBigRub