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Ask For What You Want

Ask for What You Want: The Requests - Volume 4

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You can’t ask for what you want unless you know what it is.” - Barbara De Angelis

Ask for What You Want: The Requests - Volume 4

The Ask for What You Want series encourages the readers of this website to tell the Universe what they really want. When we make the decision to ask; and then focus on this request, we are telling the Universe how much we really want to achieve it in our lives.

The following people are asking for what they want. Please take a moment to read these requests (all unedited) and in your own way send along your support and encouragement, too:

>>Asked for on May 9, 2008 at 12:22 pm<<
I want to have a healthy baby from a man I love. Soon. :)
I want to have a strong immune system that can fight off any diseases.
I want to win the lottery to have enough money to be able to give money to my parents and aunts, to buy a really cool house with a roof garden or real garden with trees in Berlin for me and my family, to establish a charitable foundation for refugee children, to be able to work just for fun, to attend The School For The Work and NLP-courses.
I want to go to jazz dance classes regularly again and improve my dancing skills.
I want to take singing classes and sing in a band.
I want D.'s girlfriend to be and stay healthy.

>>Asked for on May 28, 2008 at 7:44 pm<<
Be persistent, not be persistence.

>>Asked for on May 28, 2008 at 11:05 pm<<
I want a great soul mate, a good man, husband
I want 2 kids
I want a suitable job that I enjoy in a beautiful workplace.

>>Asked for on June 2, 2008 at 5:15 pm<<
I want to have money to pay off all of my debts and stay debts free!
I want the children to be happy at whatever they do
I want my wit to be sharp and my health to be strong
I want to live in a comfortable house with a garden and large shaded trees
with sea breeze and coconut trees.
I want to be financially secure.
I want to have a job that use my skills and experiences with
oversea traveling, a job that I will have fun and learn a lot while
I am doing it, and it will allow me to be in Vietnam as often as possible.
I want to build an organization that focus in helping under privilege kids
of Vietnam, and woman that in needs!
I want to wake up in the morning with someone that loves all of
me, and I also love all of this person.
I want to have someone to travel with for the rest of this life journey
that I can share happy/sad moments, to laugh and cry! to hold my hands
when I am frighten, to tell my that everything will be alright.
I want to Travel to all the places that I want to go.
I want friendships that stand the test of times,& the up and the down.

>>Asked for on June 9, 2008 at 7:00 pm<<
To live each day in peace and beauty regardless of what is going on in the world.
For my mother to be healed of the anger and low self-esteem that has consumed her life; for her to be able to live in the place she wishes to and to find friends.
To find greater spiritual peace.
To earn more money to support causes like Amnesty International and others that are important to me.
For my oldest son to live up to his full potential and to be happy.
For my youngest son to become more self-motivated and see life as a possibility and not a tragedy.
For my niece to be at peace with who she is and not see herself thru the eyes of others; for her to be in a happy, nurturing relationship.
To be healed completely from fibromyalgia; to reverse my heart condition; to lose 50 pounds; to feel really well and balanced.
To be able to sell my completed writings and earn enough money to live in a more harmonious, comfortable setting.
To free myself of procrastination.
To whittle down my possessions.
A beige leather sofa and loveseat so that I won't have to constantly vaccum up after the cats.
To eliminate sweets from diet and to stick to my vegetarian diet.
To entertain more friends and family; to improve my cooking skills.
To unconditionally love people regardless of how they present themselves to me.
To be braver about going out into the world.
To learn to swim.
To exercise every day.
To begin to paint and draw again.
To spend two weeks each year at the beach.
To spend a week each year at Kripalu Institute.
To visit China, Peru, Kenya, India, and Egypt.
To learn to meditate properly.
To cook amazingly exciting foods.
To be nonjudgmental about all friends and family.
To decide about my relationship in a positive way that heals us both.
To see more live performances; stage plays and dance.
To be unafraid of death
To understand more of my purpose here, and the meaning of my path.
Is this too much to ask, or want? There is even more!

Are You Ready to Ask for What You Want?

Send an email with What I Want in the subject line. In the email simply state what you want. You don’t have to provide justification or explanation – you just have to ask for it. You may also share a picture if you wish.

These emails and pictures will be posted in anonymity on The Next 45 Years.