June 9th, 2008


Gratitudes - Using Appreciation to Kick Depression

The last two days I have feel like crap, been weepy, whiny, fearful and not at all downstream.  I probably worked or played too hard in the days that came before the last two, swam with grandkids, released my pink rose from the grapevine that was choking it, went shopping, had lots of interaction and stimulation which triggers depression and anxiety in my little monkey mind.

But I have a tool that will help me with that.  Appreciation can really kick depression in the ass.. so today I am grateful for:

good physical health
a stable income
my family
a home that is paid for
3 hummingbirds who came to the feeder all at once today
orioles living in the backyard
a new red Ipod
a new swimming pool
giant cabbages from the garden
the sale of a necklace
my intelligence and creativity
my fat black and white cat
online friends

I am grateful that I learned about appreciation :)