April 6th, 2008


From "Daily Power Words"



Sometimes things are not going to go according to the plans we make.
There will be disappointments, but the key to a healthy, balanced life
lies in acceptance.

Acceptance, far from being complacent, is actually very liberating.
Acceptance means letting go of the "victim" mentality, and
acknowledging our role as leaders in our lives. It is the first stage
of the healing processes of release and forgiveness. Acceptance is a
necessary component of growth that keeps us from remaining stuck in
the past.

Choosing acceptance over denial enables us to be more objective,
opening the door to alternative solutions. It allows us to live for
today, fully in the moment, with no regrets. Valid solutions are
elusive when we fight life's circumstances as opposed to empowering
ourselves to manage them. What we resist persists, and in the act of
letting go we attain clarity.

Today's Exercise:

Reflect on an aspect of yourself, or a situation in your life, that
you have not been able to accept. What causes you to resist what is?
How do you feel accepting this will benefit you? Can you see yourself
moving beyond it? What steps can you take to reach this goal?