January 16th, 2008



Freedom allows us to live our lives without self-imposed limitations.
When we refuse to release life-draining forces like anger or feeling
victimized, we remain in prisons of our own making. When we tell
ourselves "I can't" or "I'm not", we restrict our ability to grow and
reach our fullest potential. When we act from a need to please
others,or when we do what seems more societally acceptable, rather
than following our own destiny, we destroy the freedom we have to be
who we are. There must be balance between "being practical" and being
true to ourselves. How can living a life that isn't fulfilling be

Freedom happens only in surrender. It doesn't exist in the moments
where we struggle or work against the flow of life. It isn't found in
living life to please others. It is the combination of faith in our
larger plan and the courage to try new things. Everyone has the power
of freedom, but many don't discover or fully realize it. Every choice
we face allows the opportunity for freedom. We can choose to act or
not act, to embrace change or remain stationary.

Today's Exercise:

Focus on freedom and what it means to you. Ask
yourself "What do I need to feel more free?" Do you feel controlled
by your life's circumstances, or do you feel empowered to be yourself
despite them? In what ways to you limit or restrict yourself? What
can you do today to help release restrictions in your life?

from "Daily Power Words"