December 26th, 2007



 Somewhere, somehow, the kindness of another person has changed your life for the better. You already know by direct experience that kindness has the power to reach far, far beyond itself.
Even a small kindness can make a big impact. For once a kindness is offered, it takes on a life of its own.

Kindness can bring a blessed light to the darkest of times. Kindness can give comfort, direction, inspiration and hope where there was none before.

Kindness can reach into the most cynical, hardened hearts. Kindness can be a testament to life's goodness that is impossible to refute or deny.

Kindness can melt away anxiety and build up confidence. Genuine kindness is a positive force that cannot be ignored.

If you wish to make a positive contribution to life, kindness will take you far. Always, when it seems that nothing will make a difference, kindness can.