December 12th, 2007


Up Again at 2 a.m.

Another night with little to no sleep.  I've been waking up around 2:30 to 3 a.m. for the last couple of wks, and finally fell asleep about 3 p.m. yesterday and took a three hour nap.   Needless to say that induced another night of tossing and turning and finally just getting up at 2.

I miss my sleep!! 


 If you're not ready to climb a mountain, then see if you can walk up a gentle hill. If you're not ready to walk up a hill, then set out to take a leisurely stroll.
If you're not able to walk that far, then you can take a single step. After taking that step you'll likely find that you're ready to take another.

If you have trouble imagining yourself reaching your goal, then imagine yourself taking one small, simple action in the direction of that goal. Imagine it, and then do it.

After that first step, there will be another one you can take, something that's a little bit more challenging and yet not overwhelming. Keep it up, and soon the ultimate goal begins to come into view.

Anything can be accomplished if you are willing to keep taking the next step when it is time to do so. What you lack in brute strength, or resources, or knowledge, or skills, you can make up for with persistence.

You absolutely can get where you choose to go, step after step after persistent step. And now is the perfect time to begin.
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