November 26th, 2007


Is It Time for a Change

Thinking About Getting a Job

Yes, I did say that.  Of late I have been looking at the help wanted ads in the newspaper, thinking that I might want a job.  I might just be going crazy *again*!

On the other hand, I can take classes at the local community college for free now that I over 60, and am also considering going back to school, though I graduated from there some time ago, might be fun to learn something new.

And, I have set up an Etsy shop, but haven't put anything up there... need to take pictures of the jewelry I have made. 

Or of course, I can continue to sit in my own home, stay high and do what I damn well please LOL

I am really looking for comments, advice, and insights on this one..

Is it really time for a drastic change in my life?