September 26th, 2007


River of Life

  The River of Life

Your life is much like a river. Or, at least, that's what it was
intended to be simply a freeflowing stream of energy, of consciousness.
When you were a little child, you went with the flow, quite literally.
You had few, if any, inhibitions and simply immersed yourself in the
river of life.

You did not dam up the river. You let your emotions, your desires, your
dreams simply be okay, no matter what. If you were happy, you were
happy. If you were sad, you were sad. If you were angry, you were angry.

And it was all okay. You did not judge or criticize or condemn
yourself. You simply went with the flow of the river of your life. You
did not wonder if you were good or bad, right or wrong, light or dark.
That is, until you were taught certain things, certain feelings,
beliefs, actions were right or wrong, good or evil.

It would be good, my dear ones, for you to return to those days of
yesteryear, the days of your childhood, the days of innocence. You
innocently and joyfully accepted your lives, in every present moment,
just as they were.

You knew how to play joyfully in the river of life. I suggest you learn
once again to play by the river, in the river.

Go with the flow, go in peace.

Chief Joseph
'Excerpted from 'The Book of Joy' 

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