August 3rd, 2007



So often in our hectic lifestyles we forget to stop and smell the
roses. Beauty is represented in so many of the things we take for
granted. Life is sweeter in the moments we take to appreciate our
senses and consciously enjoy our day for the unique gifts it has to
offer. Even in life's most challenging times, there is always beauty
waiting to be discovered.

Today's Exercise:

Stop right where you are, and find 10 beautiful
things. Write them down if you are able… it can be anything from a
color to a scent… a piece of music playing in the background. It
can be just having the wherewithal to appreciate your senses. What do
you notice? Next time you feel the stress coming on take a few moments
to indulge your senses and give your mind a rest.

Look for the ten beautiful things surrounding you right in the moment.
You will feel refreshed instantly, and the thing(s) which were
troubling you will become more manageable.

from Daily Power Words: