June 13th, 2007


Looking Forward to Seeing This Movie

June 13, 2007

The Weekly Pick--Farmer John

farmer john.jpgThis week's pick is The Real Dirt on Farmer John, the movie that Nina Utne of Utne Reader declared, "will open your heart, break it, and then fill it with a redemptive vision." Winner of over 30 film festivals, the ground-breaking (get it?) film chronicles the life and times of John Peterson, farmer, artist, innovative thinker, and founder of Angelic Organics in rural Illinois (one of the largest CSAs in the US). John inherited the family farm at the young age of 19 in the 1960s and transformed it into "a haven for hippies, radicals and artists," then almost lost it amidst the farm debt crisis of the 1980s. But the maverick farmer buckled down and turned his failing conventional operation into a flourishing and revolutionary organic farming community.

Our own Dawn Brigid, Coordinator of all things Meatrix-y, called it "a triumph of all things good and natural...who could resist a farmer in a pink feather boa?"

The film opens in New York at Lincoln Plaza Cinemas and Quad Cinema a week from this Friday, on June 22. From there, it'll open in LA next month (July 6), and then in other cities around the country.

Check out Farmer John's MySpace page to watch the trailer and see when the film will be in your area. Maybe you'll want to be his friend! Moopheus, ever the networker, counts him among his friends, as does the Eat Well Guide. (PS, we'll be your friend too--just ask!)

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