May 6th, 2007


Time to Go Outside

After experimenting with LJ cut for the umpteenth time, I know it is time to move on LOL..

I am laughing at myself.. I love to do that, it is so freeing !!

I was posting on JOY originally, lost the post somehow... 

Then starting writing about GRATITUDE... 

Then got frustrated with LJ cut and my seeming inability to grasp something  LOL..

And now just laughing at the great movie of LIFE and how we move through it, am heading outside where I can get more downstream with the plants that the earth that bring me such JOY...

I am finding joy in so many different places, faces... times and spaces..

My joy today is quiet.. soft gentle and sweetly provoking.. great feelings of gratitude for
the earth
and my great newly remodled bedroom which I will post of pic of someday when I learn how to make an
LJ cut..

Love to all!!
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