February 20th, 2007


Rampage of LOVE

I am sitting at the computer and in the middle of scanning some cards and working on a post to a Tarot group.   And, then I feel this love that comes to me in such a rush, a rampage of LOVE.. and I want to share that with my friends.  

I LOVE you all...

I LOVE everyone and everything and everybody

I am in LOVE with myself..

Ah to feel this glorious is a thing for which I feel so much GRATITUDE!!

And the RELIEF comes through me in waves and I know I am CONNECTED!!

I am excited every day just to get up and see how GOOD I feel!!

I am grateful that I can tune into the FLOW with greater ease than ever before.

I am grateful for being here among beings who are also grateful.... 

To have found community again is blessing for me.  I haven't felt this good around people since my first Rainbow Gathering in 1986.  

I LOVE you all here and am so very grateful for all the good vibes you put out.


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    Bob Marley - ONE LOVE