February 9th, 2007


No More Birthday Cakes

I have decided not to make any more birthday cakes.  In days past I made wonderful cakes that pleased me and I had great fun doing it.

Today I am working on a birthday cake for my granddaughter, Lainey for whom I am having a party tomorrow.

The cake refused to come out of the pan in although I dutifully greased and floured.

The cake is now held together by icing LOL... lots of cream cheese icing.

I am not doing the decorating until tomorrow morning by which time the cream cheese icing will be set up.

But, somehow the whole experience is lacking in enjoyment and bordering on stress.  

So next time I'll buy a cake, already decorated and spare myself the mess and the stress.

I am grateful that  I can swear off birthday cake construction without guilt.

I am grateful that kids will eat anything and love the extra icing I added as glue :)

I am grateful that all my family will be together for this party.

I am grateful that we are all going out to eat and I don't have to cook dinner.

I am grateful for my grandchildren.

I am grateful I got the presents wrapped.

I am grateful that I can now go lie down.

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Oprah and "The Secret"

I truly enjoyed watching Oprah yesterday.  I read a post on an Abe yahoo group in which the poster swore that the energy level of the entire LA area was raised while the show was being aired.  I got a great buzz from watching and listening to the teachers gathered on the stage :)

I am excited that the information went out to so many people, and that now many more people are watching "The Secret" and learning about the Law of Attraction.

I look forward to seeing changes on the plane just because this show was broadcast.