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February 8th, 2007

The Secret on Oprah TODAY!!

Don't forget to watch Oprah today as her show on "The Secret" airs today!!

The thing About Dreadlocks :)

One thing about dreadlocks and these are my daughter's words, "It always looks messy so you can't tell that she cut it off!"  Yesterday as I was sitting at my computer Anah came in and said, "Mooma, now can you see my beautiful eyes?"  I turned around and she had cut off the two dreads that hung over her eyes.  I think she was really tired of us telling her to keep her hair out of her face and fixed it :)  If you look really hard at the picture you can see the ends sticking up in front of the two she snipped off.   I had to laugh as most kids do this at some point in their lives, and it looks much worse than what Anah did.

And I do love to take pictures of this lovely child!!

Playing Dress UP

We had such fun last Sunday evening playing dress up :)  I de cluttered my cedar chest and unearthed the little pink dress that Anah is wearing in the process.  to my surprise she loved the dress and wanted to wear it all evening.  This dress was one I made for my older daughter's wedding in 1983 and Erin (Anah's mom) wore it as  flower girl.  

Up to this point Anah has detested dresses and won't put one on.  In this one she twirled and whirled all over the floor and Erin and I got into the act, she wore her sister's dress from that same wedding and I (oh mi) wore my wedding dress from 1975.  We had a great time dancing and twirling our skirts.. 



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