February 7th, 2007



I have begun studying the Abraham-Hicks info whole heartedly and am engrossed in reading Ask and it is Given.  I was introduced to the Law of Attraction circa 1970 when I became a student of Self-Realization, Parmahansa Yogananda's blend of Christianity and Yoga, and have encountered this Law in my studies many times over.  I love the way Abraham presents this and the detailed explanations on how to implement this Law in your Life.

I never have taken much to channeled messages, in fact have stayed away from them until now.  There is something about Esther Hicks voice when she channels Abraham that soothes me and helps me believe.

I am grateful that I got the book.
I am grateful that I can read.
I am grateful for the sunshine and warmer temps.

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Cards for Today

These are the three cards that I drew today.  As I laid down the first two I was really excited and everything seemed to be going well.  OOps then comes the 3 of Swords.  Since I'm using the Robin Wood deck I have also been reading the companion book, and Robin says that this card always means sorrow.  I beg to differ as no card always means the same thing.

This card has come up twice for me in the last four days and I have yet to experience sorrow or heartbreak and I believe that finding the 3 of Swords twice indicates that my cycle of struggle is coming to an end as that is what is happening.

And, with the other two cards being so positive; the Star just shines her light all over the place and Ace of Cups is so radiant as well, that I shall not waste time waiting around for heartbreak at all, but expect only a renewal of love and hope in my heart.

Would love some comments *grin*