January 26th, 2007



I am grateful for the snow melt which allows me to get out of the house today :)

I am grateful that we have enough wood to keep warm.

I am grateful that my daughter washed the dishes last night.

I am grateful for waking up early this morning.

I am grateful for not being sore after dancing wildly with my granddaughter.

I am grateful that my husband had the coffee ready this morning.


Tarot reading

For the first time in many days or even weeks, I threw some cards for myself.  

If I consider myself as the Empress  then what am I running from and am I then running toward improving my skills, hard work and determination??

I see that my reading skills are getting rusty, and am I losing interest in Tarot?  I've wondered this of late.  Will I put the cards on my shelf and not read again for years as I have before??  During the period of my withdrawal from anti-depressants study of the Tarot was my rock, the place I could go and make sense of everything.  Now I'm not so sure.

*note - cards from the Robin Wood deck, aren't they pretty??
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