January 4th, 2007


Feeling Crafty

Since the rush of Christmas is over I have been feeling crafty and sitting around watching movies and knitting or making jewelry.  yesterday I completed six  little rings, only in copper and brass so far as I am not yet good enough at them to use the silver.

And, now that I have finished the small knitting project, I think I will get out a quilt that I started some time in the 70's... Every few years I take it out and work a bit more on it.  Hopefully some day I will finish the blocks and get it put together and quilted.  It is a miracle that the thing has actually not been lost in the last 30+ years, but it is still in the box:)

The pattern is called Aunt Sukey's Choice.  I was still in my 20's when I began this project, and wanted to be a purist so it is all hand stitiched.  If I work really hard I might actually finish the darn thing this year.  I may set it together differently than I had at first planned, but hey I still like it :)

Now time to count how many blocks I have completed.


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