December 29th, 2006


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My cards for today are:  Death, World, Ace of Pentacles :)  Rebirth is definitely in the offing and welcomed with open arms and heart...maybe my transformation will include some success in the area of reaching some soul goals, and a new start in the area of the physical.. well I have been exercising for the last two days :)


Welcoming Back Gratitude

It has been days since I have felt well enough to post, but today I am feel so much better and I am very grateful for that.

Being without gratitude is a so much like being without love, like feeling lost, abandoned, confused... a real 5 of Pentacles type thing.  But hallelujah I am back in the moment, recovering from the holiday crush of overstimulation :)

I am grateful for my pond.  I walked down there this morning and was able to be at peace.

I am grateful for this little spot in the world that is my home.

And I'm just grateful to feel grateful again...

And I am most grateful for Anah who teaches me so very much about living !