December 19th, 2006


Screaming at the Universe

I think I must be approaching the Universe incorrectly or not stating myself well since I am not getting what I want, and I AM trying.  I DO meditate, I DO breathwork, I DO yoga.  I study, I pray.

What do I want?  That is simple.  I want stability and peace of mind as without these I am quite useless to myself, other humans, or the Universe.

So, I just stood in the middle of my kitchen and screamed out my intentions, scared the dog and cat, but hey maybe I made myself more clear this time :)

OK Universe, listen UP!!

I desire long periods of stability.

I desire peace of mind.


I am grateful that I am not afraid to write this down.
I am grateful that the sun just might shine today.
I am grateful for the struggle as it makes the reward so sweet.
I am grateful for the inspiration provided by my LJ friends.


Soap Operas, Tarot, Sylvia Browne

Read about this in a yahoo Tarot group:

Stefano hands him the Death card. They manage to get away and he shows the card to Marlena.

Interesting -  I think -  that Tarot is so mainstream that it is being used a part of the plot line in a soap opera.  But, on the other hand, I really don't think it is being shown in a positive context.  As I recall (my memory is rickety) I began watching Days when it first aired circa 1965.  I was two years into my first marriage then.  I watched it on and off for quite a few years and don't have any idea when I stopped. 

Yet, I think Stefano was a bad guy and if he is handing out Death cards, it seems like a threat and well that's not what the Death card is about, and so I am disturbed by this turn of events.

And, Sylvia Browne is appearing as herself on three episodes of "The Young and the Restless".. smacks of absolute commercialism to me.. and doesn't make any points for Sylvia in my book.

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