December 16th, 2006


The Universe is Waiting for YOU to Take Action

by Wendy Betterini

Have you ever held back on something you wanted because you were waiting for the conditions to be just right? Perhaps you wanted to start a business but you needed the money to purchase certain equipment, or you wanted to start a new fitness routine but you wanted to find an affordable gym to join first.

And as you sat there waiting for one event or another to shift into "rightness," what happened? Nothing. The conditions you were waiting for didn't occur, so you couldn't take action on your dreams.

This is one of the most common ways we limit ourselves, by convincing ourselves that certain things need to take place before we can get moving on our goals.

But what if, while you are waiting for the universe to take action, the universe is waiting for YOU to take action before it creates more favorable conditions?

We often underestimate the power of taking one small step in the direction of our dreams. We trick ourselves into believing that if we just had enough money, more time, greater confidence, or a helping hand, we would be able to achieve anything we want.

Here's a little secret that will change the way you see your circumstances: you can still achieve anything you want, even if conditions aren't what you think they need to be. And the way you do that is by moving forward with confidence.

It doesn't matter how big your actions are, or in which specific direction. ANY action in the general direction of your new reality will usually be enough to get the ball rolling.

Going back to one of the examples above, what kinds of action could be taken to get things moving with your new business? Even if you don't have the money to purchase the equipment you need, you could work on product development or come up with creative ways to get more money flowing into your life. You could start a savings account specifically for the funds to buy your equipment, and add to it consistently - even in very small increments.

Now comes the interesting part of this process, and one I've seen take place in my own life repeatedly. As soon as you start taking action - no matter how small - the universe will often step up and start shifting circumstances to your favor. You might receive an unexpected sum of money that gets you a lot closer to your goal. Or a new business partner might appear, who coincidentally has the funds to purchase the equipment you need. Or you might come face to face with a wholesale supplier of exactly the products you planned to offer and eliminate the necessity of purchasing your own equipment at all!

There is no telling how it will all play out, but I can tell you that the universe has LIMITLESS resources at its disposal and literal miracles can occur if you are willing to allow them.

What if you ARE doing what you can, but still nothing is happening? My advice would be to do something else. Change things up in some way. Work on a fresh angle, or push yourself out of your comfort zones and take on a bigger challenge. If things still aren't changing and nothing is happening, it might simply be a matter of timing. It can be maddening, I know. But keep going! If nothing else, remember that you are building momentum that has to generate results sooner or later. If you give up, you definitely won't see the results you want.

Today, I challenge you to revisit the dreams lying dormant in your heart and ask yourself if the universe is simply waiting for you to take a step forward before opening the doors you thought were locked and barricaded? You just never know. :-)

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Brain Zaps

I am grateful for LJ because I can now see quickly how the symptoms from  my antidepressant withdrawal manifest.  Last post on this was Nov 11.

Today the brain zaps are back with a vengeance.  I researched this phenomena and see that they can last for months, and nearly everyone gets them. 

I am grateful that they will eventually go away.  

Such a strange almost undefinable sensation, it is very disconcerting.  I have spent much of today in bed, and man am I grateful that I have a life that allows me the rest I need.

Expecting daughter number two, her husband, and daughter quite soon.  They are bringing Anah back from daughter number three's house where she spent the night.  Thus, I gotta get up and get going :)

Also have a upper respiratory thing that is making me cough a lot.  Might that be the reason for the reoccurence of the zaps.. not something I nor anyone else can answer with any reliability :)