December 3rd, 2006


Final Jewelry Post

This is going to bet he last posting of my jewelry creations in this spot. .  I am working on another blog in which to display and possibly sell.. did I say sell LOL.. some of my stuff.  However, I am so excited about the bracelet I made and I haven't got the other blog ready and I do so want to share, that

Well here it is... Mooma's Power Bracelet!!

and a side view

 I 've been working on this piece for the last three days and oh what a labor of love.  I had no plan just wanted to try out a wire framework, so just let the design go crazy.  The center stone is a piece of Crazy Lace Agate and I stuck in carnelian, lots of hematite for grounding, citrine, crystals and more.. 

the longer I work on it the more I like it.  I had to stop tonight as some of the wire is getting brittle, so I am calling this piece finished for the moment though there are some spots I will fill in later.
I learned so much from making this piece, so much that I can incorporate into my next design :) and I am empowered by its completion.  It has been far too long since I completed a project this intricate and it feels damn good.

Anah has dubbed this one, "Mooma's Power Bracelet"... and I am keeping it right next to the computer as here is where I do my readings.  I don't think I'll be washing dishes in this one LOL

And now it is time for me to go back to creating Christmas gifts.

I believe the worst of the effects of cutting my Valium dosage are over and I am very grateful for that.

I am grateful for copper wire and grandchildren, Christmas trees, fudge, and freedom.

I am grateful for making it through today.

I am grateful for LOVE!