November 30th, 2006


Can't Get It Up Today

Perhaps it is the weather, icy chill and too slick to walk around outside

Whatever the cause I can't seem to get "up" enought to get into any of my projects.. I just feel like lying around wrapped in a blanket watching some Deep Space Nine, and that is what I will do.

So when I don't feel creative I go look back at things I have done in order to be grateful for my creativity even when it is hiding LOL

This was penned in January 2006 when I was having a creative surge :)

Mother's Wisdom

I remember many bits of wisdom passed on to me by my mother.  Her simple words held more depth than I could understand when I was a girl.  The one I find now to be the most true is, "Be the bigger person."  
She would tell me this when I fought with my brother, and did not want to forgive him or when friends hurt me and I wanted to hang on to the hurt.  It is only now as I have grown older and hopefully wiser that I can get a grip on the word bigger.
My older self sees bigger as the "bigger picture"... the cosmic workbook... when we move so far out and look at things from so far away that we understand we are all part of the biggest thing there is.

I am grateful that I don't have to go outside today for anything.
I am grateful for the wood piled up on the deck.
I am grateful for warm blankets and Deep Space Nine DVD's

I'm going to be grateful for wool socks as soon as get some on :)