November 26th, 2006


Best Decade of My Life...

The festivities of my natal day are drawing to a close with a dinner at my daughter's home about 45 minutes from here.  My darling SIL is bbqing for me... I do love to be carnivorous about twice a year and will be ready to gnosh on that t-bone LOL

I find that this is going to be the best decade of my life thus far.  I can feel it in the deepest part of my being that now comes the time when I can be just who I am and be pleased.. That is such a feeling of freedom I cannot describe it well enough right now.

This is just a quick documentation of my thoughts in this moment.. these words will be here to remind me if I forget what an adventure life is:)

I rock because I am wise.
I rock because I AM
I rock because I practice peace

And I am grateful for my family
I am grateful for my abilities and talents
I am grateful for this beautiful planet
I am grateful for the things I understand
I am grateful because I have so much
I am grateful because I need so little

Rastafari!!  ONE LOVE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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Got this from baby2jo who posted a lovely list using the letter C

My letter is R and here is my list

Rock n Roll

So, if you comment here I'll give you a letter which you then use to list 10 things you love that begin with that letter. You then post this in your journal, and give out some letters of your own.
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