November 22nd, 2006


My Confession re: NaNoWriMo

Time to confess that I did sign up up for NaNoWriMo, but I waited until sometime about the middle of the month and Val has so kindly posted her work that I decided to share just a snippet from the slightly over 2,000 words that I have written... this has not been edited, has dreadful punctuation and other stuff but here it is:

I know Maude thinks about different things than I.  Her childhood being much less a rosy prospect she must focus on other times and other places than the dingy cramped smelly quarters she occupied with her widowed mum and Thomas her brother.  I would not know a thing about this early childhood except for the night we drank too much wine and stayed up all night telling each other our deepest darkest secrets.  Tied by blood we became as midnight chimed on the clock and the moon hid its face behind the Tower of London.  Not more than a scratch but we produced enough of our lifes blood to become the forever kind of sisters that we are.  I steal glances her way now and then as I know she does the same and I know that we each question the sanity of the other.  But we voice nothing.

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Synchronicity - NaNoWriMo - Gratitude

I am excited when I have these great moments when synchronicity stands out in my personal experiences.  After posting on NaNoWriMo, I decided to open up the three docs that contain my thus far novel :)

I accidentally opened two other docs which were filed in with the novel... Oh I guess it needs its own folder.. LAM..
and I found this which was written ...  Sunday, December 04, 2005 :  

Maude was born last year it seems and has only now come out to talk more about herself and her friend, currently known as Pixie.. 

I am grateful for Val who turned me on to NaNoWrit Mo
I am grateful for Cindi whose list "Quills of Gold" is where I posted the flower thingy in response to a prompt.
I am grateful for my parents (boy is this a new one LOL)... without whom I would never have had such a strong interest and talent for words.
I am grateful for my husband who is tolerant of my quirky nature and builds me great computers.
I am grateful for the food I going to cook today.
I am grateful for my family who will eat themselves silly and roll around the floor and moan and groan.
I am grateful for my recent emotional challenges because they open to the door to the next step.

I feel like James Brown singing "I Feel Good"

I can never remember where I snag animations and have a huge folder so just a quick ty to whoever created this one.. it is really cool!!

Oh and here's the piece I wrote last year which will be incorporated into the novel I am writing, and ta da I am now at 3,123 words...

If I were a flower why I’d be a rose…. For color I’d choose deep dark red, the kind that fades into black deep inside the petals…and I shall be called Maude.  I shall stand tall in the shunshine all  day, dressed in my deepest velvet as I wait for a carelree  lover to pluck me from my stem…. To be handed later to a fair maiden who will place me in water where I shall feel safe.  Fully ripe my  perfume wafts by in the lift of the breeze  With each whiff she remembers …  I lie in the musty pages of an old text for many years, petals flat and faded.    Then a maiden opens the book … breathes in my ancient perfume… and remembers …. My purpose is to remind those who live on this planet of LOVE…. 

OH YEAH... I rock because I am cool..

I rock cause I can cook a kick ass pie crust.

I rock because I understand the power of LOVE!!


Reading - What's Up For Tommorrow

Images are from the Pagan Tarot designed by my friend


 This is one of my favorite decks for sure :)

I drew these cards for a glimpse at tomorrow's vibe with no assigned positions for the cards.   So it looks like
I'll be loading the tons of food  I have cooked today into my Jeep and hau it l over to my daughter's home where the family will gather.  Communication skills will be of great value and there will a whole lotta talkin' goin' on.  I'll be so satisfied with being with my family that I probably won't even notice that I can't zip my pants.

Happy Turkey Day!!


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