November 20th, 2006


What to do about the bathroom floor???

I have this great bathroom, my favorite room really and one in which I spend a lot of time, just lying in the tub and feeling better. Many many times I have felt and expressed my gratitude for this room -  BUT...

The floor has cracked considerably and we just had a bid from a company who repairs these sort of things.  The price is bad enough, BUT

They require that we remove the garden tub and will not guarantee any tile breakage or other destruction of the interior of the room.  The room is a custom design with irreplaceable windows - the entire tub is surrounded by tiles and the floor is also made from thin brick like tiles that are irreplaceable.

Now I feel that since they will not guarantee anything on the inside it is probably a given that something will be destroyed, and after the floor is fixed would the tub even fit into the original hole??? I have serious DOUBT about that.

And so I say leave it as it is and take our chances that it doesn't simply fall off the house at some point.

Owning a home can certainly be a PITA... and I am trying very very hard not to let this incident ruin my day, and so far I am failing miserably!!

Perhaps some gratitudes will help me feel better:

I am grateful that I am not crying.

I am grateful that I fee better than I did on Saturday.

I am grateful that I have finished washing the dishes already.

And I still want to go bang my head up against something hard so I can stop thinking.  

nuff said...
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Forgot my blessings again

Having forgotten my many blessings earlier this morning and ranted on about the bathroom when I should really just be grateful that I have one, let alone a really nice one, I have once again given my attitude a decent makeover, and can move on with life. 

I read a lot of posts on my yahoo withdrawal and recovery group from folks who are still have difficulties with inappropriate and overwhelming emotions after a year of being off of antidepressants, so I should not be surprised when I overreact.  It has not even been a month,  and I feel there is still a lot of work for the body to do.

But I really came here to list some blessings...

great friends
a squirrel in the tree
wood for the stove
second chances
a sense of humor

And, did I say great friends :)