November 2nd, 2006


Love is My Religion

I heard the concert last night was a good one.  I got close but didn't quite get there.  Erin and decided to take Anah, Erin's three year old daughter, to the show with us.  It's a great venue, clean, no smoke, kids are welcome.. plenty of space to stay away from crowds..  We knew we were taking a chance that Anah would fall asleep, but figured if she did the nap would do her good.  And, she was sooo excited about seeing Ziggy on the stage.

Hah... Fate steps in and Anah does fall asleep in the car, but does she wake up in even a reasonably decent mood.. Ah . - NO... 
She firmly stated that she wanted to go back home.  As she was obviouslhy too tired to go in and have a good time, with no regrets, we just turned around and went home.  We have seen Ziggy once this year in Kansas City.  

And Fate steps in again, and the friend whom we were meeting at the concert, gets invited into Ziggy's tour bus.  He calls this morning and is so HIGH on this experience.. very cool... RASTAFARII...So very happy for our bro:)

In 2000 my daughter Erin and I toured with the Further Band.. (everyone else but Jerry), and had a similar experience with Ziggy when we found we were staying in the same hotel, but that's another story..


 Anah and Willie

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Name that Card

In the "Love is My Religion" video, Ziggy encounters a woman along the road who holds up a card.  Looks like a woman wearing a green dress, but eyes are not so good, and I am wondering if anyone else can identify the card.

Maybe I can figure out how to get a screen capture... or maybe I will just take a bath LOL