September 29th, 2006


Yesterday's Cat

Yesterday morning the neighbor's dog attached a stray kitten that was in my yard.  I live not far from town, about 2 1/2 miles, but far enough out that I suppose you could call it rural.  Just far enough it seems for folks to drive out and drop off unwanted animals.   I ran shrieking at the dog and manged to free the kitten.

But oh, it was such a mess.  Poor little thing, blood and poop everywhere, and so very hurt.  Having lived on this little farm for 30 years I am not a stranger to injured animals and have nursed many through some tough times.  With a attempt at positive thinking I took the kitty to the nearest vet, who at least determine that it's back was not broken.  Yet all he did was give me oral antibiotics, and told me we could "put it down" later if it was needed.

No need for that.  The kitten lasted about four more hours, and my daughter and I made it as comfortable as possible.  Fixed a basket in the sun with a heating pad.  But by this time, she was in shock and pretty out of it.

I get so angry at people that don't take care of their pets, that drop them off out here.  This is a serious problem all over this country and that makes me mad too!!

Well kitty with no name is off to the Rainbow Bridge where she and Blanche can play in the sun.  I am $25 in hock to the vet and really pissed off too!

GRRRRRR......I have liked very few dogs in my life and much less now...
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