September 14th, 2006


6 of Wands

Six Of Wands
This is a victory card, so if you draw this in your reading you are about to be recognised or honoured in some way for your talents and achievements. People will look to your for inspiration and possibly leadership. You may also be considering doing some travelling or certainly exploring further options as they arise, rather than let them slip through your fingers. You could be given the directorship of a company or other exciting challenge to meet. You will be compensated for your talents in such a way that there is now no going back to your old defeatist ways.

The Energy: Triumph, End, Accomplishment

Victory - the Six of Wands - is the glorious accomplishment of the intense energy of the Five of Wands. The Six of Wands marks the end of a process. Now the winner claims his prize and for a moment he is content with what he got.

Enjoy the beauty of accomplishment, if you reach an aim or if you achieve something of importance. This moment is the moment that matters now, nothing else. Lucky is he who can preserve this happiness within himself.
 Six of Wands
A conqueror returns. Victory has been attained because he is crowned with a laurel wreath and carries another on his staff. The people walk beside him and celebrate his victory. Leadership and enterprise have been combined.
This is success and advancement through labor. Good new is indicated, and of course, a victory. However, the success in this endeavor will be well-earned. This is also a reminder to persevere in spite of what you may have to endure.
Six of Wands Upright: Good news, victory, success after labor, helpful friends, leadership during journey
Reversed: Rewards are delayed, postponed trip, bad news, an insolent winner, pride in riches/success
From the Druidcraft Tarot companion book:  Keywords: Victory, Success, Fame, Leadership
Meaning:  This card often signifies victory or success, usdually obtained through our own efforts.  This success may invlved public recognition or even fame.  It is possible that you have achieved this through being a skilled leader - so that your actions benefited not only yourself but others.  Whatever praise or rewards you receive are the result of your ability to inspire others, and if this has not occurred already, it is possible that you are being asked to take on a leadership role, or that you are looking for this in others.
Alternatively, the card could represent a more internal process in which you develop self-leadership - mastery of the self - so that all your skills and abilities are used in concert to help you achieve your goal according to your own definition of success.  It might also be interpreted as achieving a successful atmosphere of co-operation and harmony within a family, where you all work towards a shared vision.  The card can also signify successful legal or property transactions, or promotion at work.
Reverse meaning:  Distrust is insidious, for once it enters our mind our confidence and our ability to truly succeed and display effective leadership begins to evaporate.  It is possible that you have lost a leadership role, or feel unable to accept such a positon.  You may lack the self-confidence to really push ahead with your dreams, or be plagued with a sense of defeatism.  Or you may be suffering for arrogance and pride, which has resulted in relations at work being disturbed.  It is also possible that the Six of Wands reversed indicates some form of conflict or betrayal, either in financial dealings or at work.

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wicce @ 3:05am: 100% Agreed.
If there is one or more people on your friends list who makes your world a better place just because they exist and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the internet, then post this same sentence in your journal.

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