August 25th, 2006


Thoughts into Life

Thoughts into life
The person that you are acts steadily and powerfully in accordance
with your most genuine thoughts. When you think it, there is a part
of you that immediately begins to make it real.
You are the willing and dedicated servant of your thoughts. The
thoughts you hold most often and most prominently set the agenda for
the reality of your life.

As each day goes by, you draw from life what you think into it. In
the large efforts and in the small moments, your thoughts point in a
direction that your life dutifully follows.

When you truly convince yourself that something must be done, it gets
done. Similarly, when you decide that something is impossible for
you, it's not going to happen.

Thoughts control and direct the miraculous, dynamic energy that is
your life. And in each moment, in each situation, in response to each
challenge, you can choose the thoughts that serve you best.

It is an awesome and powerful choice you have when you select which
thoughts to think. And from that choice reliably, relentlessly, flows
the experience of your life.

-- Ralph Marston
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