rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

Shit sometimes does hit the fan

So, the kitchen continues, every improvement leads to another thing that needs to be updated. It's beginning to be a long haul. It wouldn't seem so long if we hadn't packed everything away 2 wks in advance, thinking the materials would arrive on time. Oops.

The river rock looks good with the mosaic..sorting spices thus  morning to see if I can consolidate them because their new cabinet is narrower, old spice rack would not fit, got new one.

And my 13 year old granddaughter may soon connect with her father whom she has never met. The emotions surrounding such a meeting are deep, dark, and tangled. May the Most High be with us on this adventure. Family drama and kitchen remodel..hmmmm

Tags: fatherdaughter, kitchen remodel

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