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I live on a gravel road in rural Missouri on a small farm of 10 acres. When we bought this place we had mostly great neighbors. Most of them had children close in age to our own and they became fast friends, connections that are still strong today. It was peaceful here. Years passed, the kids grew up and moved on to other places, the older neighbors died off, and a few moved away. They were replaced by some quite unsavory characters whose greatest pleasure in life seems to be roaring up and down the road on 4 wheelers at all hours of the night as well as destroying the land they live on. They drug a trailer in across the road immediately dropping the value on our property. Last year we installed a privacy fence all across the front and it does help with the dust and noise. There's only us and a lovely widow lady just down the road left now. It's sad really. I don't like my neighbors and at times find them not only irritating, but also frightening. I would not be amiss in calling them meth heads and the one we have dubbed Mad Max has even been busted for that. No one could appreciate having neighbors like I have. But I love this old farm and have been here for 40 years. I refuse to be run off by a bunch of crazies down the road. Truly they don't deserve to be called neighbors.


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Mar. 4th, 2016 02:39 pm (UTC)
That's a very sad story indeed. And, unfortunately, not an uncommon one. My wife and I have lived in basically two city neighborhoods since we were married. In the first one, we rented an upstairs flat for 12 years before moving to what was perceived of as a "better" part of town. Now, the "better" part of town, where we bought a single family house and raised our family, is on the same downward trajectory as the one we left.

Some, I guess, would attribute this to race but a large share of the blame rests with the white absentee landlords who swooped in and bought up the mostly two-family houses as their owners retired and moved away or died off. When you don't live in the place yourself, you don't have the same stake in its upkeep or take the same care in who you rent the upstairs flat to.

Also, of late, the urban and rural areas around here have discovered that they share different iterations of the same problem, which is widespread drug abuse. While a heroin/opioid epidemic rages unchecked in the city, the surrounding counties are strewn with the human wreckage of methamphetamine manufacturing and use.

Anyway, I share your pain, admire your courage in "digging in," and apologize for my overly-lengthy comment...

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Mar. 4th, 2016 03:01 pm (UTC)

Pshaw on long comments. I enjoy a good discussion.

I've only lived in one city back in the 70's so know little about them but am not happy to hear that good neighborhoods along with good neighbors are disappearing there too. And absolutely it's not a race thing here for sure, my nasty neighbors are white, while down the lane that borders our property live some lovely brown folks from Mexico who are grest neighbors.

All sense of community seems lost and without that and with the fading of the nuclear family, I got a feeling it's only going to get worse.

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