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Further comments on sewing

        The sewing machine is on its way back to being stored in the closet.  I hemmed my bedrooms curtains, a task that has been waiting for two years.  I mended two stuffed animals, my daughter's shirt, and patched a pair of pants.. 

And,  I made the one lowly Tarot bag in the picture.  It needs a lot of tweaking and is by no means up to my standards, but it is the first model.  The sewing experience was positive, and after the holidays I shall get the machine out again and work on bags for all my decks. I have a thousand ideas on decorations for the bags and will need to get some supplies as I think I will go with applique on some of them.

I am grateful for having a sewing machine.

I am grateful to have the skills to run it :)

I am grateful for my granddaughter's laughter, my lj friends, my easy life, and my great little farmhouse 

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