rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

Renaissance woman...

I've wondered sometimes if I have ADHD and I've been frustrated at my inability to stick with just one thing, one art form, one vocation - one thing at which I excelled beyond my wildest dreams. But that's not who I am. There are so many methods of expression, so many new and exciting techniques to explore and thus I've wandered the landscape of life learning many skills, being excellent at some and mediocre at others. And, still, I keep on finding more ideas, more crafts, different ways to express myself, knowledge to inhale and places to see.  I hope I never lose the wonder of stumbling onto something untried but intriguing, and that I will always want to try those things. Does that make me a Renaissance woman?


  • Pics

    No matter what device or method I used couldn't edit previous entry to add pics.

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