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I do vow that today is the day I get out my sewing machine an design some Tarot bags. I have four large boxes of vintage velvet that I inherited from my mother just sitting there doing nothing and would make such wonderful bags for my Tarot collection. I have at least four purses designed and cut out, just not sewn together as well.

And ah yes, there are four dolls that I haven't finished.

I will remember that the darkness that fell over my sewing has lifted long ago and the wee bit of shadow still hanging can be dispelled by sewing again.

Of course I never thought I might feel this way again, and sold so much trim and fabric at the auction, but regret is so useless. Tis time for an inventory methinks...

I am grateful that I didn't get rid of the velvet.

I am grateful that the sewing machine is still in the closet.

I am grateful that I know where it all is and that I kept it well. 

I am quite excited just to see what I do have left and then let the creativity flow again.
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