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Queen of Pentacles Ring

I was browsing my jewelry photos and though these scans are all that great I am going to reveal the second ring that I created.  It is an ornate affair made with an aventurine cabachon, sunstone, carnelian, and crystal accents and some silver beads too... I don't wear it.  It hands on the Kuan Yin statue on my computer desk along with lovely but huge white topaz ring my dear frined, Paige gave me last year on my birthday.  Thus I enjoy them :)

I do believe that my wonderful children are going to get me a new digicam for my 60th coming up soon, and I hope to be able to get some better shots then... jewelry photography is difficult  and I am much too busy to take out right now to learn how to do it better... 

I think Gina should make a medieval costume to go with the ring so I can give it to her *wink*... The ring is called "The Queen of Pentacles".

I am obviously NOT going to get a piece made today if I don't log off NOW... *poof*...

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