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a poem

had a thought while washing windows....and decided during rest breaks and they may be frequent as washing windows is indeed work,.. hard work.. LOL

back to that thought:

during rest breaks, I shall post some of my poetry...and other thoughts written some years ago.

Though I may never wear a crown in heaven ... I shall certainly wear a party hat in hell... *smile*

ah here's one when I was love or was that lust?


You as river
I as sea
With force of Nature flow into me
That moment when collision subsides
Ultimate compression of time
We are one and egos die
What then my friend, what then???

1993 seems to have been an interesting year.. here's a rather dark one..
revised 27, January 1999

Fear wraps his long dark arms around me,
I cannot move, break free, breathe
Without knowledge of her presence,
Where lies the light?
Lightness offers freeedom for a msile
My brow remains a permanent furrow.
No sunlight falls on me.
Where is help,
Surcease, oh stop stop and flee
Darkness go away from me
Yet darkness ties a knot in my tongue
My pleas unheard
Poorly placed muffled cries
Why? An echo mocks me.
Why not?

Looks likely it's due for another revision...

Back to the windows :)
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