rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

Alea iacta est

We accepted the bid from the contractor for a kitchen remodel, no turning back now. Perhaps this change will distract from my daughter and granddaughter's likely relocation hundreds of miles away. I really stressed over how far to go with the redo. At first it was going to be new counter tops only, now it's cabinets, flooring, dishwasher, tiled backsplash. We are also researching pellet stoves as a possible replacement for ye olde woodstove of an earlier entry. He is tired of climbing up on the roof all winter to clean the  chimney. If it were my job, I'm sure I would be too. And it's dangerous. Pellet stoves are cheaper, cleaner and more efficient.

I also ordered a new couch and two chairs. After 25 years my beloved aubergine couch and love seat are truly falling apart. It's weird to think of changing the house so drastically but also exciting. Change, the Universal Constant, is all around me.


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