rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,


I was fascinated by China as a child when I read all of Pearl S. Buck's novels, mysterious, ancient and oh so different from Midwest USA. Then came Mao and the many changes wrought by his Communist regime. The beauty and mystery were replaced by a sort of fear and a loathing of the harshness of Communist rule. Even in my youth I often considered that China could one day rule the world, if for no other reason than its huge population. Now when I think of China it is with deep sadness for the loss of so much in its steady progress in being the Capitalist ruler of the planet. I read of the terrible working conditions in their factories, the destruction of the environment, and harsh indictments against those who speak out, and like so much gone awry on this planet, I just feel sad, disappointed, and hopeless.


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