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Elaine's Desk

After seeing Jo's cozy nook from which she talks with us.. I took a picture of my "computer corner"... The computer sits between the closet and my bed, just wide enough for a chair in here :)  I can look outside to the cedar tree where the bittersweet hangs orange and bright on the branches, and spy on birds and squirels too!!

I appears much cleaner than it actually is I think, as there are always spider webs that I don't manage to control.  

This is a very peaceful spot, and sometimes I have a difficult time leaving here and going back to the front of the house which is very bright and is also where I have to work LOL... like today I am making chili for 20 people, an upside down apple pie, and poppy seed bread.  

But, I love Halloween!!

I'd like to linger here today, but if I don't get my butt in gear and starting cooking something, I'll never get it done.. We are having a total family celebration at my third daughter, Rogie's house.  

We will consume massive quantities of food (we always do), and take the children around the neighborhood just like when I was a child.. well almost.. gosh I got quite idealistic there for a moment.

I find that having three young ones who are just experiencing events like Halloween, Christmas.. Turkey Day ad id... their amazement and energy helps me to have a good time too!!

Oh yeah and Ziggy is tomorrow night.. lawd... this ole woman is gonna be a dragging ass come Thursday LOL, but I say, "make hay while the sun shines".. is a good one to remember..

Peace, Love and Happiness on this Halloween, Samhain, Los Dias de Muertos.. by any name... Celebrate today... it is a great one... My dd has been The Sun.. both yesterday and today.. Now that tells how good I'm a feeling doesn't it ???


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