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Summer visitors

It's been a year of visiting friends this year, good to see folks who haven't been here in a long time. The first to show up were Jesse and Ben from Perth,Australia. Jesse grew up just down the road from us and is still my youngest daughter's best friend. His partner, Ben, wa born in Australia. His parents came theirs from Holland. Very interesting stories of their life there. Though Jesse misses his parents and friends from here, he seems really happy with his life in Perth.

My niece and grand nephew came from Dallas, always good to see them and to meet her new grandson who lives in Decatur, IL even though their visit was awfully hectic because of my brother's illness.

And most recently one of my husband's best friends has been here from Sacramento, CA. He moved first to Colorado and then further West. Had not seen him in years. We had a nice evening reminiscing sitting outside on the deck. He is now retired and can't wait till his wife's retirement in two years. They have plans to move to Oregon, says he is tired if the high cost of living and water rationing in CA. Joe has had lots of fun playing pool with his old buddy.

We have finally had a few days of sun and done pool time for the kids. But today and yesterday it's been back to rain. Getting a few tomatoes, nice carrots and replanted zucchini. The cucumbers somehow have survived even though it's pretty swampy where they are planted. We've had a couple to eat and they are setting on more so I'm hopeful that we'll get some more.

Got started knitting on my sweater again. My back is hurting and so not much I can do, but knitting is on the can do list. Trying hard to take care of myself as we have a couple of short trips planned and I want to be able to enjoy those.

I appreciate seeing the sun now and again.

I'm grateful for the tomatoes we've had.

I am grateful for my good health and the good health of my family.

It's been good not to have to water things.
Tags: gardening, knitting, old friends, rain

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