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Independence Day and beyond.. warning I may whine

I was not particularly looking forward to the 4th of July celebration. My husband was grumbling about it and for sure it's a lot of work for us because all of the family comes to the Farm....about 20 people. He smokes a turkey and a ham and makes sure that things outside are ready. This year I just made potato salad, kale salad (yum yum) and I pulled a bunch of carrots and Tracy sliced them into some nice carrot sticks.

A bit of overkill on the family drama. One daughter's boyfriend got a wee bit tipsy. He rarely drinks and for some reason chose the 4th to overindulge. I think he puked in the woods...he deserved that. Tension between daughter #2 and her soon to be ex husband was present. They are still living together while trying to sell their house. They are working very hard to do the whole thing in an amicable fashion, but seems to be that's "a hard row to hoe." The fireworks that the kids brought were nice and we were able to see some of the big ones from the ball field. I was surely hurting by 10 when everyone who wasn't staying the night had gone to their own homes. I'm really grateful that I had a good night's sleep.

Sunday morning arrives and I get a text that my niece and her daughter + new baby are coming out for a visit and they are bringing my brother with them. My brother is not in good health and had been ill a couple of weeks ago with some sort of intestinal thing so I wondered if he was ok to come, but come he did. He had brought some fireworks that someone had given him and was diddling around outside trying to shoot them off. Would not come in in spite of all our pleadings. Finally sat down on the step exhausted and I managed to get him into the a/c. All of us worked to cool him down thinking he was overheated as he started to hallucinate and become incoherent. Daughter #1, a nurse, took his vitals and is bp was quite low as well as his pulse. Long story short ambulance called. Took him to ER in University Hospital about 45 minutes away. Did 2 ct's.. no clots, no stroke, ruled out med interactions and med overdose. Just had a text while I was composing this that he is better this morning. His daughter who stayed with him till 2 (son stayed all night) just happened to be here. She lives in Dallas. They may even release him this morning. I tend to think that he needs to be in an assisted living situation or at least have home health look in on him. But I know how awful that would be for him. I worry. He falls a lot. I get angry. A lot of his issus are due to drug and alcohol use. I get confused. I hope that by writing this down here that I can quiet the thoughts in my head. Family stuff brings up so many memories.

I am thinking that a bath would be really nice. My back still hurts.

I am grateful for the ambulance guys, they were awesome, strong and efficient.

I appreciate that my lifestyle allows me to nap and take long hot baths.

I appreciate my husband for helping with the kids yesterday. All the young ones took off for the hospital and Joe and I had their children till about 9. Joe helped them shoot off the fireworks my brother had brought out and with each bang we sent out a prayer for his well being.

Hug somebody today... 
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