rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

Here I go again slacking on journal entries, been very busy with guests and pulling lots of weeds. Acquired a concrete frog for the garden, had been eyeing it for a while and when I received an email with a $7 off coupon decided it was meant to be. Hub did complain a bit about carrying it though, but did it any way.

Everything in the east garden has now perished because of the rain, so no peas this year. Planted corn and okra for the third time and pulled up spinach that was going to seed and put in green beans. Still getting nice lettuce but not for much longer. Picking kale this morning as we are planning a salad lunch for our friends from Australia.

Made a great beet salad and apparently ate way too much, ended up with a case of hives..ugh. I'll be more careful next time, do love beets.

Grateful to have someone to carry the heavy stuff.
Appreciate all the lovely greens.
Looking forward to and grateful for cooler weather soon.

Have a wonderful weekend one and ALL!
Tags: frog statue, gardening, hives, kale, rain

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