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New Headband

I went to an Earth Day celebration Sunday last and before going to the festival stopped in at a favorite old headshop to check out clothes. Though I've made thousands of dyes in the way back when Tyler and I were in business as "Dye By Night," I don't have the stuff to make them anymore so my eye was caught by this great skirt hanging in the window. Wore it on Wednesday, very comfortable. I love wide fold down waistbands, they smooth out my lumps well.

And, I also purchased this rainbow colored headband and I am really liking it. Keeps my hair out of my face. The mop of untidy fine white strands that sparsely covers my head is so wispy that it tickles and gets in my eyes when I'm gardening.

I love rainbows. Surely everyone loves rainbows, but of course, I know that's not so. Somewhere out there is a rainbow hater and probably quite a number of them.

I've been ghastly tired for the last couple of days. Having my dear old friends with me is wonderful in so many ways, but I'm not used to the stimulation and thus takes time to recover. Yesterday I took 3 naps and still slept the night through.

Put out the oriole and hummingbird feeders. I had seen a hummer on Wednesday but yesterday, what with the 3 naps and all, didn't get around to fixing up some food. Have already had one visitor. No orioles but they're a shy bird so don't always get to see them for very long. Those little hummers, though, are totally fearless.

Granddaughter spending the day and we are going to do some research on Beltane together.

Happy May DAy...I hope it's a good one

I am grateful that I have hair.

I appreciate my friends and a lifestyle that allow me all the recovery time I need.


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May. 4th, 2015 05:29 am (UTC)
Your rainbow headband is beautiful. Good choice. Never heard anyone mention they didn't like rainbows, so now I'll have to ask folks, to see if I can find a person of rainbow-shunning persuasion. I've worn my hair in a bun for just about ever, so don't have hair in my face very often. My introverted self needs lots of alone time to recuperate. Blessings
May. 8th, 2015 01:25 am (UTC)
That is a lovely rainbow scarf!! Oh my, I guess some folks might hate 'em...but I'd be suspicious of those folks! LOL! I'm a Pollyanna when it comes to rainbows...they dance all over my house.

I know what you mean about needing to recoup after company...phew! I was glad to have a quiet day today, and actually check up on LJ.

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