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The first part of the week was dreary. I did get out and go to knitting club but only by special request from a friend who was having a birthday. As usual it hurt my back and I was bored, hope I remember that and don't try again for a while. Besides I can knit faster and better at home.

One of my classmates from my graduating class was visiting from Chicago and we had a nice lunch on Thursday. Don't have much in common with most of those folks as they are very conservative but this guy is not so our conversation was varied and interesting.

Been chilly and damp this week, but the first of the peas have sprouted which makes me happy. It's supposed to warm up and so we hope to get in some cabbages and broccoli this week. The dreaded deep cold temps did not materialize so the lettuces are still looking good.

Carved my first ever stamp this week. That was fun. I'm not very good at it yet, of course, but wanting to get into letterboxing with the grandchildren so need a family stamp for that. I think we'll use a goat for our family stamp. Anah has begun a sketch for one with a goat head inside the letter "C" for our last name. My friend, Ingrid, is very "into" letterboxing and has numerous boxes out and we will start searching next weekend to see if we can find them. This is a great site for learning all about letterboxing. Here is my novice attempt at stamp carving, have lots of ideas but need more carving medium. Cheap pink erasers work well for practice so I grabbed a bunch of those at the dollar store.

I did get out yesterday in spite of the chill. When the sun popped out I just couldn't resist and did get the leaves raked away from the hyacinths. They are quite beautiful this year, will have to get some pics soon. Started raking the front bank but got tired rather quickly so that can wait till another day. I love that it's all outside the new fence and if I don't get it done, I can't see it from the house.

Oh my, just looked up to see rain hitting the south windows..and the sounds from the windchimes indicate that there's a hefty breeze too. I kind of feel like snuggling up with my current read and just waiting to see how the day turns out. I think some of the kids will show up later. I'm planning on trying a new recipe for hot and sour cabbage, using Napa cabbage, sesame seeds with a spicy vinaigrette.

Cast on a hat last night and knit one row, then saw that I was short two stitches so frogged that. Somedays I can't count worth a darn. Will try to get it back on the needles soon. Received the nicest thank you note for the donated hats, wasn't expecting that at all, what a lovely surprise. Time to start working on the next box of those, have some new yarn in pretty colors for little girls.

I think I need another cup of tea to warm me up from the inside out.. the dampness just makes me so chilly. Odd, I used to always be too hot. Well, when you're hot, you're hot and when you're not.. lol

Happy Sunday to all...
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