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Could it be Spring?

It certainly feels like Spring and all the signs point to it and the Equinox has just passed so perhaps it really is Spring though it seems a bit early this year. I am hesitant to remove the leaf cover from some things like the hosta bed because last year we had a couple of very late frosts that really set things back and killed off part of the garden. But, we are moving ahead with some clean up. Yesterday my wonderful husband moved the golden yarrow to the back of the herb garden. It has been at the front for years and is just too tall for that area. And, he also moved a large clump of the Silver King and moved it to the back as well. There's a good sized area of open ground back there since we took all the grasses out last Fall. I am quite certain I will be spending a lot of time removing Silver King sprouts as it had an enormous root system. I really did know better than to stick it in there, but there were no more open spots at the time and last year it really took off. It is also too tall to be in front. Now I can put nasturtiums in that area and they won't be hidden by the taller plants.

The red romaine we planted in February is sprouting nicely, will require intense thinning, always hard for me, I feel bad about pulling up those babies but know that they will do much better if properly spaced. There are also quite a number of radishes but no other lettuces showing up as yet. We got in quite a few rows of spinach in the same raised bed as the lettuce with space for two rows of yellow carrots at the end. Expecting rain on Tuesday so hopefully that will plus some sun will bring up more seedlings.

Erin and Anah are coming today to help with planting taters and onions. No sign of the peas yet, but the ground is still pretty chilly so it make take them a while to come up. Always feels good to get the veggies going.

The last of the crocus are blooming now. The early ones have all passed, there are few yellows left and the purples are outstanding this year. I found some alliums that are up while looking around yesterday. They are my favorite of the bulbs, a few daffodils are blooming and many more are sticking their leaves out of the ground. Oh, and the hyacinths look as if they will put on a good show too this year.

So, yep I guess it's Spring. Gee I just cast on a sweater, as always I'm a bit late in some endeavors. I did manage 15 minutes on the trail in the park yesterday. My walking had not been happening as the weather had turned cold again.

I appreciate all the work my husband does in the yard and garden.
I am grateful that I can still walk and that the work I did outside yesterday did not upset my back.
I appreciate Spring with it's super energy and balmy breezes.

Let's all think Spring thoughts.. it's got to help :)


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Mar. 23rd, 2015 03:43 am (UTC)
Spring is definitely here for us, too.

You have a good husband doing all that yard work. Mine is the same way, too. All I have to do is mention a thought of what I'd like to do, and before I know it, he's on it and it's done. Sometimes I have to be careful what I say in case it's just a passing idea. :))

Your picture of the purple crocus is lovely. You are right...the colors are beautiful this year! Sounds like you've got a good start on the veggies, too.

I love your three "thank you" phrases there at the end of your post. I have often thought of ending my post with what I am grateful for that day, too.
Mar. 25th, 2015 06:51 am (UTC)
"Sometimes I have to be careful what I say..." Same at our house. Sometimes I've forgotten what it was, and Hubby will say, "You said you wanted (whatever)". He's so sweet!
Mar. 25th, 2015 04:43 pm (UTC)
Hoping the cold snap doesn't take out the lettuce...and YES on the good husband, couldn't do it without him.

I also keep a gratitude journal on paper, it's so easy some days to forget just how blessed my life really is.
Mar. 25th, 2015 07:05 am (UTC)
Beautiful picture. Love hearing about your planting and flowers. I planted some turnips in a black planter bag & they're doing great. I'm going to try & wait for some greens to develop before thinning them. We'll see. I don't like turnips, so haven't planted them before. Harry doesn't like peas, so puts the "Hoogy-Boogy" spell on them so they won't come up. Don't laugh. It's worked for him before........ LOL. I want to use the leaves like salad greens. Maybe he'll like them then because they won't taste like peas. Maybe. Blessings
Mar. 25th, 2015 04:45 pm (UTC)
Have never done that with pea foliage, will be waiting to see how it turns out. I must confess I did chuckle ar Harry's spell but don't doubt it could work.

Thanks for the blessings, received and sent back twofold.
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